BRIDGER SCIENTIFIC heat transfer performance monitoring

Mission Statement

Our business is to design and build instrumentation to objectively quantify the deleterious effects of fouling in industrial, commercial and electric utility equipment. We believe there are numerous mutually beneficial opportunities in the world today for our technology. Industry will benefit from improved efficiency, reduced material costs (fuel) and reduced operating cost (unscheduled shutdowns), regulators will benefit by enhanced compliance and improved documentation, and finally the public will benefit from reduced chemical discharge and improved control.

At present our equipment is primarily used to monitor the thermal performance degradation in industrial heat exchangers on a side stream flow.
We have developed and tested numerous systems and methods related to our primary technology which await commercialization. Join our mailing list or visit frequently to learn about these products as they become available. If you have a special need or assistance with research in our field, please contact us. We are always interested in discussing new opportunities and sharing ideas and opinions.

As a small business, we maintain the flexibility and initiative to customize and modify our products to suit your needs. Our primary fields or experience, interest and application are:

Side stream instruments for thermal performance monitoring.

  • Our DATS, high temperature and high pressure versions
  • Alternative fluid monitoring for heat transfer degradation with time
  • Tube coating tests – polymers, ceramics, ablative - for thermal and hydraulic performance

Thermal performance monitoring of industrial equipment and related instrumentation (on equipment)

  • Physical inspection of tube sheet surfaces, photo documentation and reporting
  • Flow measurement via mechanical, ultrasonic, magnetic technologies
  • Temperature measurement including stratified thermal discharge
  • Heat flux and thermal power measurement – localized or gross calculations

Instrumentation to optimize cooling water fouling control via chemical feed (biocides and scales inhibitors)

  • Data interpretation, calculation and documentation

Monitor performance of chemical treatment programs independently and objectively

  • Use of remote, automated data logging on various instrumentation

Our products and technology are commonly used by all of the following industries:

  • Electric power utilities using cooling water derived from the ocean, river, well or reclaimed waste
  • Petroleum refineries – aqueous cooling of petrochemicals from crude to finish goods
  • Chemical process plants – aqueous cooling of process at various stages
  • Metal refining/smelting, mini mills – cooling of crucibles, dies and fume handling equipment
  • Mining – pipelines, acid leach processes, thermal processes
  • HVAC chillers/cooling towers – compression and absorption refrigeration processes
  • Industrial process
  • Breweries/distillation – biofouling of intermediate stages
  • Ship board / ocean going vessel – sea chest, power plant and refrigeration/cooling system fouling
  • Desalination (thermal and reverse osmosis)
  • Paper and paper pulp processing

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