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Bridger Scientific specializes in the quantification of fouling which impedes heat transfer performance. Our flagship product, the DATS (Deposit Accumulation Testing System) was developed and evolves with this objective in mind. Biofilms and mineral scale accumulation on heat transfer surfaces cost industry millions of dollars annually in lost production and reduced energy efficiency. Various chemical, mechanical, operational, and non-traditional methods are applied in an attempt to control industrial fouling with varying levels of success. Numerous environmental regulations impose further constraints on the solutions that may be applied and their ultimate effectiveness. Our DATS, and the related equipment we manufacture and sell, are used to evaluate the effectiveness of various strategies so that the process can be economically optimized for your situation.

Bridger News Brief

PC Software for the DATS 3 is now available!
Software for the DATS 3 fouling monitor has (finally) been written to directly capture data from serial port communications. The new software will assist customers who have been using the MS Hyperterminal Windows application for DATS 3 logging

Ownership change – August 2005, David Schlottenmier entered into agreement with John Garey to purchase a majority ownership of Bridger Scientific. Mr. Schlottenmier was a long time employee of Bridger Scientific starting in 1989. more...

ProDATS Design Evolves – The ProDATS probe and sidestream configuration continue to evolve. The device was developed under a Navy/SBIR contract to monitor shipboard heat exchanger fouling. more...


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