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PC Software for the DATS 3 is now available!
Software for the DATS 3 fouling monitor has (finally) been written to directly capture data from serial port communications. The new software will assist customers who have been using the MS Hyperterminal Windows application for DATS 3 logging, and the tedious conversion of that data stream. The data is stored in comma separated variable format to assist easy transfer into common spreadsheets [screen shot of primary display]. The DATS 3, as designed, was intended for only temporary connection to a PC serial port for configuration and calibration purposes. The analog output ports were intended to be the primary system output for customer use. Customer feedback has enlightened us that many people are using the serial port for data capture and download directly. This new software interface should ease that task while permitting improved system observation and control. It does require that a PC remain connected to the system continuously. No software changes or data storage routines are performed on the DATS 3 electronics. The new software is written entirely in Microsoft VB 6 so we expect it to be compliant with the various Microsoft operating systems (98/2000/XP).

Ownership change – August 2005, David Schlottenmier entered into agreement with John Garey to purchase a majority ownership of Bridger Scientific. Mr. Schlottenmier was a long time employee of Bridger Scientific starting in 1989. John Garey will continue to own a minority stake in Bridger Scientific and will work on a consulting basis for specific projects.
Mr. Schlottenmier expects to make some significant additions to the product line in coming months. Help us help you by filling out our brief questionairre regarding your needs in fouling related equipment. Also, please indicate at the end of that form if you’d like to join our new product announcement list to keep you informed of developments.

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ProDATS Design Evolves – The ProDATS probe and sidestream configuration continue to evolve. The device was developed under a Navy/SBIR contract to monitor shipboard heat exchanger fouling. An insertion probe design, and side stream design have been prototyped and are undergoing continued testing. We expect to characterize the strengths and limitations of this design for your benefit and will report about it accordingly. At present, these are the two sensor configurations (image below). The probe is intended to insert into a valve fitting fixed to a pipeline. The system signals would be used as a gross indication of biological and mineral scaling activity in the circulating cooling water (or process fluid). The side stream configuration requires about 1 liter/minute of fluid flow at or below 300 Kpa pressure. The data is used and interpreted similarly to our DATS 3 product.

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